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Compost Budget Cuts STINK by katezidar
March 23, 2009, 2:37 pm
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Hello Composters!

Please take a moment out of your day to checkout this online petition started by the wonderful folks at East New York Farms!.  We all know that composting saves resources, and that this whole garbage export thing is a waste…so why has our Department of Sanitation taken a hatchet to its composting programs?

From the Petition:

Question: How are we going to Plant a Million Trees, keep our parks and green spaces beautiful and grow healthy food in our neighborhoods’ community gardens and backyards?

Answer: Giving support back to the NYC Compost Project and reinstating the production of municipal compost from Fall Leaf Collection!

Up until this past year, NYC supported composting through its NYC Compost Project, established to address and promote the budding potential for greening NYC through recycling our organic waste. One impressive aspect of this project was the collection of our city’s fall leaves—roughly 20,000 tons per year—for the production of municipal compost which was given back to NYC residents and the Parks Department to revitalize our gardens and open spaces. However, the NYC Compost Project has taken a big budgetary hit as of 2008; the Fall Leaf Collection and Giveback Days have been cancelled entirely “until further notice.”

If we really want to be the healthier, greener city we envision, we need to reconsider the importance of composting. We need to help City Council, the Department of Sanitation and the Mayor see how important supporting composting and reinstating the Fall Leaf Collection is to our soil, our environment and us… the residents of NYC!



Is It Spring Yet? by katezidar
March 10, 2009, 1:33 am
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Hello Composters! Winter might not be gone for good, but this warm weather gave me a chance to dig around at the pile, and let me report that spring has sprung on the soil scene.  The worms are wriggling, the bulbs are bursting and our project is completely chockablock with lucious leaf mould.

If anybody wants to get a head start on screening out finished compost we would love your help. The sooner last year’s compost is processed, the sooner we can get started this spring. Plus, it is a great cardio workout. Drop a line to Kate at if you can come help!