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What a beautiful weekend… by katezidar
April 20, 2009, 5:03 am
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April 6, 2009, 6:57 pm
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OK everybody!  We are not accepting drop-off yet, but we DO have tons of compost screened, and more to go.  What are you doing with your worm castings this year? Growing for food? Growing for fun? Check out the crafty Greenpointer above who is planning a fully recycled garden this spring…

And check out the NBCP shout-out on the FRONT PAGE of today’s Metro paper!

Want to grow in New York City?  Metro asked environmental planner Kate Zidar for advice…

Find your local community garden through Green Thumb ( “Ask what you can do for the garden first and then you can learn what the garden can do for you and your pocketbook,” said Zidar.
2 Grow you own food in a window box. Zidar suggests basil and tomato (if you get enough light). “Get a little bit of compost and a little bit of dirt. Put it in a coffee jar and use wire to suspend it from the window,” she said.
3 Take a compost class. Zidar runs the North Brooklyn Compost Project and teaches New Yorkers how to make their own worm bins to recycle fruit and veggie scraps.

We are taking volunteers for spring screening, cleaning and street tree stewardship Saturday afternoons from noon till 4ish.  Email if you are planning to come or would like to work outside of those hours.