North Brooklyn Compost Project

Check the summer schedule, and show us your projects! by katezidar
June 15, 2010, 3:37 pm
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Hello composters!

Have you checked out our handy online calendar for volunteer shifts yet? Get in there and find a time to dig, tumble, screen and otherwise administer our wormy minions. We have had a great and productive spring, so lets keep it going all season long!

Care to give more than your time? Donate a few bucks on IOBY to help us repair our fence – we are a third of the way to our goal!

Finally, we have heard around the pile about the fabulous work that our compost does after you take it away…our compost has helped sprout a tree nursery in a Williamsburg art studio, a food garden for a local soup kitchen, an art project for East River State Park, a lettuce farm on North 11th Street…and while we hate to brag (ha!), we do love to hear about your work beyond the pile.  Will you send in photos and stories of the stuff you’ve started with NBCP compost? We will feature it here.

I will start with this one:

Near the compost pile, we maintain the central planting area between the Green Dome Garden and the McCarren Park Dog Run.  In there you enjoy daffodils in the spring and the “Geraldo Tree” blue spruce year round. At the north end, we have planted a circle of native plants, and kept them well-fed with NBCP compost.  This week, the milkweed began blooming.

This plant is the sole food source for young Monarch butterflies. In the spring and summer, we will frequently see the bright orange butterflies visit this spot…and even leave eggs and caterpillars on the milkweed. Keep your eyes peeled this year!

Now send us your project/story:


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Great post! Every week, I buy lots of organic fruits and vegetables, wash them carefully and then I prepare them for cooking. I pull off the ugly leaves, I remove the flesh from the rind, I cut off the ends, I remove the outer layers, etc. I use only the most tender and tastiest parts of the vegetables for my clients.

This leaves a large pile of organic kitchen scraps that is perfect for composting, I’ve been saying I need to compost, for a long time. This year, I’ve joined a CSA with Sang Lee Farms and I expect to get large quantities of fruits and vegetables that will create piles of kitchen scraps for composting. Well this year, I’ve taken another step to be greener by purchasing a composter and setting it up behind my shed. Thanks for the great composting ideas.
Keep it up!
Chef Vanda
The Organic Personal Chef

Comment by Vanda Azevedo

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