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Summer 2012 by katezidar
June 23, 2012, 5:32 pm
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Since GrowNYC now offers a year-round drop off for the public at the Greenmarket, we have changed how we operate.  Now we work directly with organizations and institutions to divert organics that would otherwise end up on the curb. We still have volunteer opportunities and if you are interested, you can contact Tanya at

Volunteers are welcome to take finished compost home throughout the year for their personal use and to feed city trees. Also, we want to know how far our garbage can go! We have heard around the pile about the fabulous work that our compost does after you take it away…our compost has helped sprout a tree nursery in a Williamsburg art studio, a food garden for a local soup kitchen, an art project for East River State Park, a lettuce farm on North 11th Street…and while we hate to brag (ha!), we do love to hear about your work beyond the pile.  Will you send in photos and stories of the stuff you’ve started with NBCP compost? We will feature it here on the website!


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I’m really disappointed that you don’t keep hours for drop offs during the week. I can’t always make it to the Greenmarket and I’ve got a big pile of veggy scraps that I need to get to a compost today.



Comment by SmellyApt

We have always operated on volunteer power, and if anyone out there would like to run open hours on Wed, we will give you training and the lock combo!

I think there is an assumption out there that we are a professional operation. (Which must mean we did a great job for many years!) This is and has always been a 100% volunteer project, and there are natural limits to what we can do.

Volunteer efforts like ours were the groundswell that preceded GrowNYC’s citywide programs. Their hours in the Greenmarket, while limited in a way, now allow a much larger amount of diversion to happen than we could ever have expected to happen on our small site. The net gain is impressive and we are proud!

Comment by kate

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