North Brooklyn Compost Project

How To Compost

1. Chop your kitchen scraps into 1-3″ pieces. (It helps them decompose faster).
2. Store the scraps in your freezer until open hours when you bring it to the site.
3. At the site, unload your kitchen scraps into the compost tumbler that is marked OPEN.
4. Cover your “greens” with “browns” – add an equal amount of dry leaves to your greens- available in the bin that is marked “browns”.
5. When in doubt, ask a volunteer.
6. Sign up for a volunteer shift! That was your training!

“Greens” you can compost
Kitchen scraps: uncooked fruit & vegetables, corn cobs, potato peels, fruit rinds, cores
Coffee grounds, paper filters, and tea bags without staples
Cut flowers
Garden weeds (please refrain from bringing diseased or highly invasive plants)
Grass clippings
Fresh leaves

“Browns” you can compost
Breads & grains (pizza crusts without cheese, oatmeal, etc)
Old potting soil
Dried leaves
Packing peanuts (the cornstarch kind that dissolve in water, not styrofoam)
Hay and straw

What NOT to compost
No meat or bones
No fish
No dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt
No eggs (eggshells are okay though)
No fats or oils or grease
No cooked food
No plastic, plastic bags, twist ties, rubber bands
No cat or dog waste
No thick wooden branches
No diseased plants
No pesticide-treated plants or grass
No treated wood, sawdust, or plywood shavings


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cooked food is ok unless it has oil or dairy sauces coating it…

Comment by katezidar

your site is very informative

Comment by andre rivera

I love compost! I think your project is amazing and hope we can replicate it here in the Bronx!

Comment by Dawn

I am “browns” challenged in my home composting. Someone told me newspaper was an ok substitute for dried leaves etc. Is it??

Comment by Jack Barber

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