North Brooklyn Compost Project

How to Volunteer/be a Member

Since GrowNYC now offers a year-round drop off for the public at the Greenmarket, we have changed how we operate.  Now we work directly with organizations and institutions to divert organics that would otherwise end up on the curb. We still have volunteer opportunities and if you are interested, you can contact Tanya at

Volunteers are welcome to take finished compost home throughout the year for their personal use and to feed city trees. Also, we want to know how far our garbage can go! We have heard around the pile about the fabulous work that our compost does after you take it away…our compost has helped sprout a tree nursery in a Williamsburg art studio, a food garden for a local soup kitchen, an art project for East River State Park, a lettuce farm on North 11th Street…and while we hate to brag (ha!), we do love to hear about your work beyond the pile.  Will you send in photos and stories of the stuff you’ve started with NBCP compost? We will feature it here on the website!


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Hi I met you and asked for some dirt, You told me about the winter hawthorn being your favorite tree in park. I am growing a forest in my studio and composting wanted to help out in exchange for some dirt.
All the best,

Comment by Aron Namenwirth


I live on North 12th right in front of the compost project. I’d like to become a member and a volunteer. How should i do this?


Comment by Tamara Umansky

Hi, do we officially sign up here to be a member?

Comment by Sarah Porter

We updated this section to give clearer instructions…hope this helps, guys!

Comment by katezidar

Hey Julie,
The hours are there in a sidebar to the left of the page, basically Saturday morning and Wed evenings are when we are open.


Comment by kate

this is a very good post, please keep it up!

Comment by ben

this is a great article, i enjoyed it, please keep it up

Comment by marks brother

I contacting you in behalf of PS84.
We are a few parenys working on the school garden and need to find a little more compost for it.
Could you provide some?
Also we are talking about starting a compost project for the school, you might have few tips for us.
Thanks for your help

Comment by Marie

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