North Brooklyn Compost Project

Use it!

Before you use your compost it should be mixed with soil. Compost is high in nitrogen and can harm plant roots if directly applied. Mix about 1 cup of compost per 2 cups of soil. Or, if you are digging directly into the garden, dig in 3” of compost directly into the top 6” of your soil to add organic matter, improve drainage and aid fertility.

Clay Soil: The organic matter in garden compost helps break up heavy clay soils, making them lighter, freer draining and much easier to work.

Sandy Soil: Compost also adds body to fine, sandy soil. It adds structure and nutrients to sandy soils and helps to retain moisture.

Compost can be used to “top dress” houseplants, meaning it can be applied to the top of the soil without repotting the plant. As you water the plant, the nutrients will percolate down to plant roots.

City trees are in desperate need of food. You can mix compost into the soil of a tree pit and then water it to make sure it sticks.

Compost makes a great gift for your urban gardening friends, or can be donated to someone with a garden or yard.  The gardeners in McCarren Park  have been using our finished compost, and they keep coming back for more!

Oh yes, Google “compost tea” sometime…


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